James Schneider

With a history at firms such as Riverbed Technology, Ernst & Young, IBM and Dell, I properly understand the demands and expectations of technology within business. How the technology, business structure and teams of people all work in absolute harmony is crucial to company success. Backed by a support team of industry experts in IT operations, engineering and accountancy, I am able to deliver complete solutions that meet the needs of every department, including Finance!

“James succeeds through understanding his customers - their organisation and their business needs. He is diligent and responsive.”

“James is excellent at open and mindful collaboration and works in a highly professional and transparent manner at all times.”

“James builds strong relationships with his partners and customers alike . . . and will always work to ensure customer satisfaction.”

“James has an excellent mix of commercial, interpersonal and technical skills.”

“James is a great person to work with and always goes that extra mile for the customer to make sure they get what they want.”

“James's grasp of customer needs, and ability to ensure the solution addresses the pain points experienced, enabled him to be a "Most Trusted Advisor" to his clients. He always has the best interest of the customer at heart.”

Professional Certifications

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Solutions Professional Certification
Advanced Cloud Methodology Expert Certification
Advanced Data Networking Solutions Professional Certification
Cloud Computing Solutions Professional Certification
Contact Center Solutions Professional Certification
Network and Data Security Professional Certification
UK Telecom Solutions Professional Certification

JR Schneider & Associates is authorised and supported by ScanSource Cloud Services, the world's largest and most successful Technology Services Distributor.

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